Part 2, Chapter 14 - Eating Mastodon

The Club -

Wisconsin -

Printing 101 - Not sure why the video guy needs a fake vest to stand in a storage closet.

Part 1, Chapter 2 - Riding Venus

The C40-B: Your Congressperson’s $70 million “Office in the Sky” -

Hasty Generalization … even Batman knows better.

Salamanders and Three Ways to Stack the Deck -

Part 1, Chapter 1 - The Noodle Incident

The “gravel-filled wire mesh boxes” are Hesco Barriers, and they’ve changed force protection the same way barbed wire did.

The Noodle Incident is an old trope, but the trope-namer—as with all things Calvin-and-Hobbes—is the best.

Local convoy security paying protection money to Afghani insurgents is the norm.

The Capital Visitors Center: Oy vey.


The cackle bladder exists and like the big con, it's been around so long it's hard to know where it started. The Story of The Confidence Man.
Disappearing is itself a disappearing art---in increasingly electronic, computerized, and digitally connected societies, it's nearly impossible. Nearly. How to Disappear.